Leather care


Leather care


How to make your handbag durable?


We suggest that you protect your handbags by the following points:

Products should be protected from moisture, sunshine or heat, for fear of leather bag deformation or color fading;

Do not overload your handbag;

In order to avoid color fading, leather bags can not put together with other leather goods;

Do not use plastic bags to wrap shiny leather bags;

Avoid contact with water, alcoholic ingredients (perfumes, solvents ...), greases and abrasives.


How to make your leather bag new after commonly using?


If the leather bag is wet, it should be promptly wiped off with a dry cloth to remove moisture, and then placed into a cool place to let it dry naturally, do not use the hair dryer or place under the air conditioners or directly place in the sun. Otherwise the leather will be burst;

Regularly wipe leather material with same color of the skin cream to keep leather bright and new. Do not use the skin cream directly to the leather surface. The cream should be evenly coated on a dry cloth and then wipe the leather surface, avoid washing with water or with unknown chemical solvents.

If your leather goods have been stored for a long time, you can put a little moisture beads in the bag;

To protect your leather bag, please use the supplied dust bag for storage.


How to care for different fabrics of handbags?


 Leather, sheepskin handbags

Coate a dry cloth with high quality ointment, gently wipe the leather surface, clean the dirt away the surface of the leather, and then use a little muscle to wipe the leather for several times untile it shiny.

Patent leather, metalic leather

Wipe the leather with a wet soft cloth, then use dry cloth to wipe again.

Fabric, nylon material handbags

Dilute the soap or leather cream with water, and then use a soft brush with the water to wipe the sweat stains gently on the bag. Do not soak the bag in water and clean it.


How to care the zipper and metal parts?


When the zipper is not smooth, use a little bit white leather wax coated on the zipper. Then the zipper will be smooth again.

When metal parts oxidized (such as gold, silver, brass buckles), you can use a little bit metal detergent to clean the metal surface. Put some metal detergent on a dry cloth, and then gently wipe the metal oxide parts until it becomes bright again.

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