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Several notes on the bag's maintenance:


1. There are two parts will be significantly different after the leather bag to be used for a long time, one part of the bag body, because bags often friction with the clothes, the color will be changed; second is the strap part, because the hand sweat is alkaline, and it will be corrosive in the leather, these two hardest-hit areas require our masters to clean and maintain with hand and special maintenance agents.

What I need to remind everyone is that some of our friends use plain-waxed cleaners such as Bilizhu that we use to wax the leather sofas to clean these designer bags, that is wrong, because these wax-containing cleansers leave only a layer of wax on the surface of the cortex, they do not allow the moisture to penetrate deep into the pores of the dermis. This waxy cleaner can cause premature aging of the cortex.


2. If your hands are prone to sweating, it's better to use your arm or shoulder bag as much as you can, and with less hand bagging, otherwise the sweat can easily leave stains on the handle of the bag.


3. When storing sharp objects in your bag, be sure to completely pack and put sharp objects. And those items that are cut and damaged are best not to be put in your baby bags. Do not jam or let heavy items, otherwise it will deform or damage the bag.


4. Do not stick labels or adhesive tape on the bag, which can easily cause peeling of the skin when it is peeled off.


5. Try to keep the bag from rubbing against the clothes on denim fabrics as much as possible, as staining can be easily occurred.


6. In rainy and snowy weather, try to avoid using leather bags such as furskins, matte skins, and suede skins, as it will be difficult to care if there is a large area of water and the cortex will harden.


7. Direct light and heating for a long time will decolorize the bag, discoloration and deformation. We should try to avoid long-term contact with the bag under the sun or heating.


8. leather bags should be careful not to wet, if wet with a towel after the water to dry, keep the skin dry and prevent skin folds burst skin.


9. In the use of leather bags, care should be taken not to throw it away, and place it in a place that is not easily scratched.


10. The leather bag should be careful not to be exposed to high temperatures and not exposed to the sun. It can cause damage and bleaching.


11. The matte leather bag must be kept clean. Once the dirt is cleaned in time, it will corrode the leather surface for a long time and cause the dirt to be removed.


12. Leather bags are in need of care. You can use moisturizing skin care products on the leather surface after cleaning the bag.


13. When cleaning the leather bag, be careful not to use a rough cloth wipe. You can use a cotton pad or paper towel that is usually used to remove make-up toner and reduce the damage to the leather surface.


14. When the bag is not used for a long time, put the filler in the bag and store it in a cool and dry place so that the bag will not be folded and deformed.


15. leather bags to avoid heavy things, so as to avoid wrinkles and deformation. Daily care: daily simple care can make it last new, long life, a good leather goods, in addition to its basic maintenance, the correct use of habits can increase its durability


16. After usual use, wipe off the dust with a sponge or a soft cloth. There is a gap in the edge of the bag. You can use a pointed hat to remove the dirt. Then put the paper into the ball to prevent the deformation of the bag and put it in a plastic bag to cool it. Place, it is best to put 1-2 more mothballs to prevent insect bites


17. Regularly use the same colored shoe cream to wipe the leather bag to keep the leather material bright and moist, avoiding the effect of liquid shoe polish


18. When applying shoe polish to leather goods, avoid applying the shoe cream directly to the leather surface. Apply to soft cloth or sponge first.


19. If the leather bag is wet, dry the skin of the bag with a dry cloth and place it in a cool place. Otherwise, it will burst.


20. Do not wash and touch chemical solvents when cleaning leather bags


21. To use moisture-proof bag when storing can keep the leather bag dry.


22. Please stored in a cool, ventilated place, especially wet or damp skin bags, when stored can put a little moisture-proof beads in the bag. Leather care: refer to the materials on the certificate, choose different care methods, use qualified care products


23. Rub cloth: use a damp cloth to wipe the stain, dry in a ventilated place


24. cowhide, sheepskin: use high-quality shoe cream and soft cloth to remove the dirt, with a soft cloth lightly rubbed in the surface circle, so that the bag surface bright.


25. Suede, horse hair and velvet: Use soft-hair rub to gently wipe off stains, do not forget to wipe the same direction, in order to smooth texture, suede can also be used raw rubber rubbing and fur cleaning supplies Remove stains, but not shoe polish


26. zipper is not smooth: lacquer with a candle or shoe wax can improve the effect.


27. Metal decorative buckle oxidation (gold, silver, copper buckle): Silver Hardware: You can use the finest number of Shuimo sandpaper or scrub rubber or sea powder gently wipe off the black spots, and then gently wipe with a transparent shoe cream can be. Gold hardware: Never wipe with a matte paper, metal rust and open not working: Use WD-40 anti-rust lubricant. Preventive method: Apply a little transparent nail polish to newly installed brass or metal buckles to prevent oxidation (except for color deduction)

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