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Return instruction


Return instruction


Service Description.

Within 3 days from the date of receipt of the goods by the customer, if there are quality problems, Fanengesi will unconditionally handle the return and replacement services for you, and the freight charges for the return and replacement will be borne by Fanengesi.

Special Instructions:

1. When returning goods for the first time, the shipping fee for the returned goods will be borne by Fanengesi (but the freight can't exceed the shipping cost of ordering this product to the customer's city in Fanengesi Mall, otherwise the extra part will be borne by the customer). The goods will be delivered free of charge.

2. The reimbursed shipping cost will be credited to your back-office account balance at Fanengesi Mall. You can go to "My Account" to check.

3. The damage to the goods caused by the customer's personal reasons will not be returned.

4. Under normal circumstances, an order can only be returned once. Therefore, to ensure your rights and interests, please contact us after consideration.

5. The pictures and information are for reference only. Due to problems such as shooting lights and color differences on different monitors, there may be a certain color difference between the picture and the actual object of the product, and everything shall prevail in kind.


common problem

1, Do you support 7-days no reason return policy?

Answer: The goods sold by the official website support 7 days without reason to return service without affecting the secondary sales.


2. Can I get ticket/bill for the product I bought?


Yes, it can be invoiced, please provide us invoice header? please note that content is limited to open: leather goods, bags, briefcases, contact customer service to make a note.


3, When can goods to be shipped? and what kind of delivery express?


within 72 hours of delivery after confirmed order, the default Yuantong Express.

4. How long does it take to arrive after delivery?


If there is no any unexpected condition during express delivery, it will be available within 2 days in Guangdong Province and 3-7 days outside Guangdong Province after delivery.


5, Is it certified goods?


Yes, we are the official website of the brand, the only authorized official website. The goods sold in this shop can be maintained at the national counter for free.


6, About color difference?


The photos of the shop are shot by professional photographers. The pictures are as close as possible to the real products. However, due to the presence of different factors such as lighting, color deviation of each person's display, and personal understanding of color, there may be some color differences between the actual products and the photograph, and the final color shall depend on the actual products.


7. Does the bags have any stocks?


All products in the store display inventory that is accurate stocks, as long as you can take pictures to ensure that there is a spot (except pre-sales).


8. Are the products purchased in your store quality-assured?


Each product sold by Fanengesi official website is subject to strict factory quality inspection, 100% quality assurance, and then packaged and shipped by professional workers. Express delivery is safe and reliable. We are committed to providing you with good products that are satisfactory.


9, What service protection do you have?

Each product is "Fanengesi"' commitment to your quality.

1) Quality assurance: The quality standards and exquisite craftsmanship of Fanengesi ensure that you purchase genuine products.

2) After-sale protection: Within 7 days from the date of receipt, provide 7 days no reason to return service.

3) The use of protection: within 3 months from the date of purchase, the normal use of the product needs repair, we will give free maintenance. Free maintenance items include: broken skin, broken wire, broken straps, hardware and other decorative fall off. (remarks: non-human reasons)

4) Price protection: Within 7 days from the date of payment, if the price of the commodity is found to be lower than the purchase price at that time, coupons for the corresponding face value will be refunded. (postage, gifts, promotional products are not included in the price guarantee)

Value-added services: You can take Fanengesi handbags to the counter for free maintenance.



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