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Security Center

Dear User:

Thank you for your support and trust in Fanengesi!

In order to prevent lawless elements from posing as Fanengesi customers or third-party agents to contact Fanengesi users, Fanengesi system upgrades resulted in the cancellation of user orders, or the payment was blocked to steal user's personal information for fraud.

Fanengesi hereby warns: In any circumstances , Fanengesi will not take the initiative to contact the user for a passcode and mobile number, or request you to click on any website link for a refund or payment! Fanengesi will not contact you for payment outside the official website, such as WeChat, QQ, etc.. If you encounter the above suspicious circumstances, please do not blindly follow. If you have any questions, please contact our official customer service immediately at 86 020-36785973 / 3670 1314, or email:  for verification.

In order to protect your account security, Fanengesi suggests that you’d better not share the password with other accounts, and recommends that you periodically change the password of the account, at the same time to ensure that the password change will be your computer, mobile terminal immediately log off and re-login to ensure that your account information will be synchronous and safe.