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User Agreement

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User Agreement


. Confirmation and acceptance

"Fanengesi Leather" ( and its related products, services and related software are owned and operated by Fanengesi. Fanengesi has rights to Fanengesi Leather on supervision, tips, all activities, inspection, correction and punishment. The services provided by "Fanengesi Leather" will be strictly enforced according to the services and operating rules it released. Users must fully agree to all the terms of service and complete the registration process before they become official users of this site. The terms of this agreement are the stipulated basis for dealing with the rights and obligations of both parties and will remain valid unless it violates the national mandatory laws.


. Service protection clause

(1) "Fanengesi Leather" uses its own operating system to provide users with internet services through the Internet. At the same time, the user must:

1. Self-contained equipment, including PC, modem, and Internet access.

2. Pay online and pay for the communications costs associated with this service.

3. When users participate in various activities of "Fanengesi Leather", and when users are asked by "Fanengesi Leather", users will be asked to provide timely, detailed and accurate personal data. And Fanengesi will continuously update the registration information in accordance with the requirements of timely, detailed and accurate.

(2) When users accept the services of "Fanengesi Leather", they agree to accept all types of information services provided by Fanengesi. The information includes order information, introduction information, promotion information, and business information. These information could be sent by, but are not limited to, emails and text messages. By registering or actually using "Fanengesi Leather" service by "Fanengesi Leather", the user indicates that the user has agreed to accept these services. If the user does not agree to receive such information, please contact “Fanengesi Leather” customer sevices for unsubscription.

(3) "Fanengesi Leather" will not make any express or implied warranty on the suitability of the goods provided or the specific needs and purposes of the users. Please confirm your own needs before buying, and read the product description carefully.

(4) "Fanengesi Leather" provides users with legal and healthy products and services, but users should bear the responsibility and risk of using "Fanengesi Leather". Fanengesi Company will not take responsibility of compensation caused by using Fanenesi Leather sevices under any special, accidental, direct or indirect damages.


, Rules of usage

(1) The user is solely responsible for all responsibility for illegal use of the Internet. When use the internet, Users are required to comply with the relevant state policies and laws, including criminal law, national security law, confidentiality law, computer information system security protection regulations, etc., to protect national interests and protect national security.

(2) Users must provide "Fanengesi Leather" with accurate personal data when using "Fanengesi Leather" internet service. Any changes to personal data must be promptly updated. If there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that the information provided by the user is wrong, false, invalid or incomplete, "Fanengesi Leather" has the right to issue an inquiry to the user and/or request a notice of correction, and has the right to directly terminate the provision of the user or All services. "Fanengesi Leather" takes no responsibility for it and the user will bear any direct or indirect expenses incurred thereby.

(3) The user violates this Article "users use basic rules", Fanengesi company has the right to take measures such as serious warning, deadline correction, suspension of services, cancel orders, prohibit transactions, closed accounts, permanent prohibition of registration, etc., to cause loss to Fanengesi company , Fanengesi company has the right to take all legal litigation and non-litigation means to claim; user behavior constitutes a crime, Fanengesi company has the right to notify and assist the competent national authorities to investigate.


, accounts, passwords and registration information

(1) Once the user is registered successfully, he will have a "Fanengesi Leather" special account and corresponding password. The account number and password will become the user login "Fanengesi Leather", use the "Fanengesi Leather" service, conduct transactions, complete payment and enjoy the after-sales service. The certificate of service. Users may not transfer or authorize others to use their "Fanengesi Leather" account number and password in any form. If accounts or passwords are copied or stolen due to poor user management, the corresponding losses shall be borne by the users themselves. If the user finds any illegal use of the user account or there is a security breach, immediately notify Fanengesi Leather Customer Service.

(2) Each user is only allowed to have a valid account in "Fanengesi Leather". If there is evidence or "Fanengesi Leather" has reason to believe that the user has maliciously registered multiple accounts, Fanengesi company has the right to cancel the order, freeze or In case of closure of accounts and other measures that cause losses to Fanengesi, the users shall be liable for compensation.

(3) "Fanengesi Leather" promises to use the personal information of the user only for the purposes of this website. Service objectives include, but are not limited to, transaction confirmations, transaction payments, customer return visits, policy updates, user notifications, promotional information, business information, and other ancillary services related to transactions and services.

(4) Users must not use any illegal means such as testing or deception to steal account information of other users or harass others.


, user privacy protection

Respecting the personal privacy of users is a basic policy of Fanengesi Company. Therefore, Fanengesi Company will not disclose, transfer, rent or sell any data related to consumer's personal information, such as the list of transaction users, transaction records, etc., and the user's saved in Fanengesi to any third party. The non-public content of the company's services, unless Fanengesi Company believes it is necessary to disclose this information on the basis of good faith.

Users may authorize Fanengesi to disclose their registration information to a third party, otherwise Fanengesi will not disclose the user's name, address, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number and account number. unless:

(1) After obtaining prior authorization from the user, the user asks Fanengesi or authorizes someone to disclose the information through e-mail service or other means;

(2) The relevant laws and regulations and the requirements of relevant government authorities require Fanengesi to provide the user's personal data;

(3) To safeguard the public and/or "Fanengesi Leather", Fanengesi company's legitimate interests;

(4) "Fanengesi Leather" has the right to analyze the entire user database and make commercial use of the user database without revealing individual user privacy data.


, commodity prices and price changes

The price of the product will be specified on the "Fanengesi Leather" official website. This type of information is subject to change without notice. The price of goods includes VAT, and the delivery of goods is separately settled. The delivery fee varies according to the way the user selects the delivery method. If an unexpected situation occurs, after confirming the user's order, the user has the right to cancel the order and e-mail by the price increase of the supplier, the price change due to the change of tax amount, or the change of the price of the product due to the error of the website. Or notify the "Fanengesi Leather" Customer Service Department by phone or other means.


, orders and out of stock

The information about the product and the availability of the product will be specified on the "Fanengesi Leather" official website. The user should carefully verify the above information before submitting the order. Fanengesi will then review the user's order and arrange the delivery after the approval. If the user orders a product out of stock, "Fanengesi Leather" and the user are entitled to cancel the order unilaterally and notify the other party in an effective manner.

"Fanengesi Leather" will try to ensure the accuracy of product information and availability, but it may still cause errors due to personnel operation, system problems and other irresistible reasons. In this case, "Fanengesi Leather" will confirm with the correct information and user. Modification, the user has the right to cancel the order or complete the transaction with the correct information.


Ⅷ, delivery and receipt

(1) The scope of distribution will be publicized on the "Fanengesi Leather" official website. Users should read it carefully and confirm it again before placing each order to ensure that the submitted shipping address falls within this range. Ordering or delivery beyond this range Requirements, belonging to invalid orders, "Fanengesi Leather" has the right to unilaterally cancel orders.

(2) The consignee may be the user himself or any other person other than himself. Fanengesi will deliver according to the delivery address, consignee's name, and phone number as stated on the approved order. If the consignee requests to change the address of the recipient during the distribution process, Fanengesi Company deems that the user's own consent has been given.

(3) "Fanengesi Leather" has the right to cancel the user's subsequent orders if the user refuses to accept the goods for several reasons without justification. In case of bad circumstances, "Fanengesi Leather" has the right to freeze, close accounts, permanently prohibit registration and other measures, and reserves the right to investigate for compensation.


, payment and refund

(1) The payment method will be publicized on the "Fanengesi Leather" official website. The user should select the payment method when confirming the order and pay in strict accordance with the selected method. If the user fails to complete the payment according to the selected method or the required time, "Fanengesi Leather" has the right to cancel the order unilaterally.

(2) The refund method will be publicized on the "Fanengesi Leather" official website. Fanenesi Leather will refund to the user due to the cash payment due to the return of goods or the shortage of goods for replacement. The method of refund will vary depending on the payment method. Users should strictly follow the refund method and refund period to recover the refund.


, returns and exchanges

The return policy will be publicized on the "Fanengesi Leather" official website. "Fanengesi Leather" will implement different return policies and conditions for different product categories. Users should read and understand carefully before applying for return and exchange, and complete return and exchange in strict accordance with relevant procedures and requirements.


, refused to guarantee and limit liability

Users' personal use of network services is at risk, and "Fanengesi Leather" makes no warranty of any kind. "Fanengesi Leather" does not guarantee that the service will satisfy the requirements of the user, nor does it guarantee that the service will not be interrupted, and will not guarantee the timeliness, security, and fault occurrence of the service.

"Fanengesi Leather" is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages. These damages may come from: improper use of online services, purchase of goods online or the same type of services, trade on the Internet, illegal use The information transmitted by the network service or user has changed. All these actions may cause the image of "Fanengesi Leather" to be impaired, so "Fanengesi Leather" has raised the possibility of such damage in advance.


, intellectual property

(1) Fanengesi Company has absolute and complete ownership and intellectual property rights in the entire contents of "Fanengesi Leather", all of which are protected by copyright, trademark, property rights, and other intellectual property and ownership laws. Users can only use these contents under the authorization of Fanengesi company and/or right holders. They cannot copy, edit, adapt or distribute these contents, or make any kind of rights application to the contents, or create derivative contents-related. product. At the same time, these contents cannot be used for any goods or services that may cause consumers to confuse or degrade Fanengesi Leather services.

(2) Without the written consent of Fanengesi, the user shall not modify the contents of the "Fanengesi Leather" website in any way, nor may it reproduce, download or download the "Fanengesi Leather" webpage content, data, information for resale or commercial exploitation. Users are granted limited, revocable and non-exclusive rights to create hyperlinks to the "Fanengesi Leather" homepage as long as the link does not infringe "Fanengesi Leather" goods and services in a false, misleading, derogatory or other manner.


XIII. Modification of Service Terms and Service Revision

(1) User accepts that with the development of the market environment, network environment and "Fanengesi Leather" itself, Fanengesi will modify the terms of service if necessary. Once the terms of service change, "Fanengesi Leather" will make an announcement in the station, a letter in the station, E-mail or other written form will publish or notify the revised terms.

(2) User accepts that Fanengesi has the right to modify or discontinue the service at any time without notice to the user in order to protect the autonomy of the company's business development and adjustment. Fanengesi Company's right to modify or discontinue the service does not require the user or any third party. Be responsible for. Users must agree to the terms of the Fanengesi company before they start providing services to users.

(3) If the user objects to the amendment of any terms of service or the revision of the service, or if the user disagrees with subsequent terms or services or is dissatisfied with Fanengesi services, the user has the following rights:

1. No longer use Fanengesi company and "Fanengesi Leather" service;

2. Log off your account yourself or in another approved way

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