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Address:No.18 Sanshe Industrial Park, Dabu Road, Qinghu Village, Junhe Street, Baiyun 

District, Guangzhou, 510440 China.

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Personalized products can highlight personal value


Young, make the product with live


Pursuit of quality for excellence, giving product vitality.


Design idea


Fanengesi is a young, personal, high end fashionable leatherware brand, to create the luxury lifestyle and personality of exquisite leather accessories for the urban modern women.


The Fanengesi brand derives from the fancy gorgeous style, implying that the design continues to develop and innovate, breaking through the current trend, drawing new inspirational elements and creating exclusively leather goods belonging to Fanengesi style.


Fanengesi design stems from the wisdom and aesthetics of diamonds that took time to crush and polish, and the products that Fanengesi designed have time-testable leather goods.


Fanengesi leather goods are made of high-quality leather material through multiple and complicated steps. They combine careful design and exquisite craftsmanship to create fine matching leather goods for urban modern women and interpret their personal attitudes. Through the precipitation of time, she brings people not only high-quality feelings, but also the eternal pursuit of the spirit of the new self.


Fanengesi can pursue true self and self-realization, it is not only the ideal of many women, but also Fanengesi's principle of survival. Fanengesi keeps pace with individual design and exquisite craftsmanship, allowing personalized, intellectual and high-quality products to be decorated with new modern female image.





Brand Mission-Become a symbol of urban new modern women's individuality.


Feature of product


Personality can achieve brand style

Easy to match

Easy-to-fit leather goods are more liked by women